3D Maze Infinity


3D Maze Infinity

3D Maze Infinity

The game will please you with an infinite number of always unique labyrinths, a lot of different balls, with different basic characteristics, user-friendly controls and good 3D graphics.

Using one of 24 balls, you can test yourself in four modes of the labyrinth, which are divided into two groups:

Game of Time – It is necessary to collect all the Gemstones for a certain time, their value is generated randomly from the red most valuable to the green ones.
Normal game – You also need to collect all the Gems, but without time limit, the value is generated from blue to green stones, the entrance to the labyrinth takes one point of lives;
– Exit Quest: different from the “Regular Game” by having to find the exit point in the labyrinth after collecting all the stones, the exit point also appears always in a random place.
– Time out: the most difficult of all, differs from the “Game of Time”, the need to find the exit point in time for the allotted time.

In each mode there are eight different dimensions of the maze from the smallest 7×7 to the largest 34×34, your goal in any of them is to collect the gems, and the larger the maze size, the more stones you need to collect:

Red – generated only in the game at a time, gives 10 coins and 10 seconds of extra time;
Blue – gives 5 coins and 5 seconds extra time in the game at a time;
Green – gives 2 coins and 2 seconds extra time in the game at a time;

For more successful passage of labyrinths, you need to improve your ball, for improvement will be available:
– The base velocity of the ball, on which the efficiency of the accelerator depends;
– Number of accelerators;
– Duration of Acceleration;
– Number of jumps;