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Game release Labyrinth: Balls 3D

The rules of the game are simple, you need to find all the coins in the labyrinth for a certain time, the faster you collect them, the more stars you will earn. The more stars the more bonuses are in the form of a random number of coins. Buttons opening different doors of the labyrinth and teleports make each level even more interesting! Collected in labyrinth coins can be spent on unlocking new types of balls, for example, faster ones.

What does the game offer you:
– Full 3D-graphics;
– Eighteen Balls with different features and views;
– Two kinds of control: joystick and sensor;
– Gradually the complexity increases.
– Achievement system – Roll the ball in the labyrinth best of all!
– Cloud Save – Play the Labyrinth on any device without losing any progress!
– Disable the Google Play Game service, you choose whether to use it or not, it turns on and off in the main menu of the game at any time (cloud save and board of leaders in the off state are unavailable).

Features of the paid version:
– Ten lives;
– There is no advertising;
– Multiplier of coins X3;

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